Words that start with 'y' and contain 'ra'

Your search has generated 18 entries.

5 letter words

  • yaray
  • yarak
  • yeara
  • yurak

6 letter words

  • yantra
  • yarran
  • yarura
  • yerava

7 letter words

  • yantras
  • yaruran
  • yeraver
  • ypocras

8 letter words

  • yamacraw
  • yarraman
  • yarramen

9 letter words

  • yardgrass
  • yggdrasil

12 letter words

  • yttrocrasite

What's the longest word you can create from the combination searched for?
The biggest word constructed by our team is 'yttrocrasite'.

How many words are possible to make using the combination specified?
From this page of words that start with 'y' and contain 'ra', there are 18 entries that are available altogether.

In Scrabble, what is the highest possible score possible from words that start with 'y' and include 'ra'?
You could make 'yamacraw' scoring 18 points in Scrabble.

What is an unusual word from this page?
Standing as the most unusual word on this list is 'yeara'. 'Yeara' is defined as "The California poison oak (Rhus diversiloba). See under Poison, a.", according to the dictionary.