Words that start with 'r' and contain 'wh'

This combination has 10 words.

7 letter words

  • rawhead
  • rawhide
  • rewhelp
  • rewhirl

8 letter words

  • rawhided
  • rawhider
  • rawhides
  • rewhiten

9 letter words

  • rawhiding
  • rewhisper

What's the highest possible score you're able to get in Scrabble from this list of words that start with 'r' and include 'wh'?
For 16 points, you could play 'rawhided'.

What is the most popular word that starts with 'r' and includes 'wh' in the dictionary?
The most popular word in the dictionary according to our system is 'rawhide', which is in fact the 61702nd most common word in the dictionary.

What's the largest word you can create with the combination of letters specified?
The largest word constructed by Dictionarypedia is 'rawhiding'. It has 9 letters.

Is there an example of a word from this page of word that starts with 'r' and includes 'wh' that could be considered as unusual?
You can find many interesting words on this page, although our favorite word is 'rawhead'. The dictionary defines it as "A specter mentioned to frighten children; as, rawhead and bloodybones.".

How many words could one put together using the specified combination?
It's possible to make 10 words using the combination of words that start with 'r' and include 'wh'.