Words that start with 'n' and contain 'oq'

Our database has found 4 suitable results.

11 letter words

  • noneloquent

12 letter words

  • noneloquence

13 letter words

  • noneloquently

14 letter words

  • naphthoquinone

What is the most interesting word that starts with 'n' and includes 'oq'?
There are a number of peculiar words on this page, albeit our favorite word at the moment is 'naphthoquinone'. The definition of 'naphthoquinone' is as follows: "A yellow crystalline substance, c10H6O2, analogous to quinone, obtained by oxidizing naphthalene with chromic acid.". Credit goes to Oxford Dictionary.

What is the total number of words one is able to create from words that start with 'n' and include 'oq'?
There are 4 words that one can make using words that start with 'n' and include 'oq'.

How many letters are in the biggest word on this list?
The longest word one can construct from this list is 'naphthoquinone', and it has 14 characters.