Words that start with 'n' and contain 'nz'

This combination has 20 entries.

6 letter words

  • nyanza

7 letter words

  • nonzero

8 letter words

  • nonzebra
  • nonzonal

9 letter words

  • nonzonate

10 letter words

  • nonenzymic
  • nonzealous
  • nonzonally
  • nonzonated

11 letter words

  • nitrobenzol
  • nonstanzaic
  • nonzodiacal
  • nonzoologic

12 letter words

  • nitrobenzene
  • nitrobenzole
  • nonzealously

13 letter words

  • nonzoological

14 letter words

  • nonzealousness

15 letter words

  • nonzoologically

16 letter words

  • novarsenobenzene

What word that starts with 'n' and includes 'nz' is the most unique?
The most interesting word from this page is certainly 'nitrobenzene'. It is defined as "A yellow aromatic liquid (C6H5.NO2), produced by the action of nitric acid on benzene, and called from its odor imitation oil of bitter almonds, or essence of mirbane. It is used in perfumery, and is manufactured in large quantities in the preparation of aniline. Fornerly called also nitrobenzol.".

How many actual words are possible to make using the combination specified?
There are a maximum of 20 entries.

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points you can get from words that start with 'n' and include 'nz'?
Our recommendation for a score of 19 points is the word 'nonzebra'.

What's the longest word you can construct using words that start with 'n' and include 'nz'?
'Novarsenobenzene' is the longest word that Dictionarypedia could find, made up of 16 letters