Words that start with 'm' and contain 'ij'

There are 11 words you can use from the dictionary for this search.

4 letter words

  • mijl

5 letter words

  • meiji

8 letter words

  • mijakite
  • mijnheer
  • multijet

9 letter words

  • marijuana
  • mijnheerl
  • mijnheers

10 letter words

  • millijoule

11 letter words

  • multijugate
  • multijugous

What's the maximum number of words you are able to create from this combination of letters?
On this page of words that start with 'm' and contain 'ij', Dictionarypedia has found 11 combinations which can be selected.

What is the largest word you can construct from the combination of letters searched for?
The word 'multijugate' contains 11 characters.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For a total of 21 points in Scrabble, it is possible to use 'mijakite'.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
There's 'mijnheer' which ranks as the 38157th most common word.

What is an example of a interesting word that starts with 'm' and includes 'ij'?
The most weird word based on expert opinion is 'multijugate'. The dictionary defines it as "Having many pairs of leaflets.".