Words that start with 'k' and contain 'ypt'

10 words are available for the combination requested.

7 letter words

  • kryptic
  • kryptol
  • krypton

8 letter words

  • kalyptra
  • kryptons

9 letter words

  • kalyptras

10 letter words

  • krypticism
  • kryptomere
  • kryptonite

13 letter words

  • kryptocyanine

In Scrabble, what is the most points you can get from words that start with 'k' and contain 'ypt'?
Our suggestion for a total of 18 points is playing the word 'kryptic'.

What word from this list is the most unusual?
Dictionarypedia thinks 'krypton' to be the most strange word you can throw together. 'Krypton''s definition is "An inert gaseous element of the argon group, occurring in air to the extent of about one volume in a million. It was discovered by Ramsay and Travers in 1898. Liquefying point, -- 152ยบ C.; symbol, kr; atomic weight, 83.0.", according to the dictionary.

How many viable words are possible to put together using the combination you've searched for?
You can select up to 10 words for this page.

What is the longest word you can assemble from the combination searched for?
The largest word you can assemble from this combination is 'kryptocyanine', and it has 13 characters.