Words that start with 'j' and contain 'uv'

Your particular request has resulted in 26 results.

3 letter words

  • juv

5 letter words

  • juvia

6 letter words

  • juvent
  • juvite

7 letter words

  • juvenal
  • juverna

8 letter words

  • juvavian
  • juvenals
  • juvenate
  • juvenile
  • juventas

9 letter words

  • juveniles
  • juvenilia
  • juventude

10 letter words

  • juvenalian
  • juvenilely
  • juvenilify
  • juvenilism
  • juvenility
  • juvenilize

11 letter words

  • juvenescent
  • juvenocracy
  • juvenolatry

12 letter words

  • juvenescence
  • juvenileness
  • juvenilities

What is the max number of words one can construct using words that start with 'j' and include 'uv'?
There are up to 26 entries on our list of words starting with 'j' that contain 'uv'.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
Using this particular combination, the best word to play is 'juvavian' which gets 21 points.

What is the most common word on this page?
When it comes to popular words, there's 'juvenile', which ranks as the 19784th most common word.

What's an unusual word from all the combinations possible on this page?
'Juvia' certainly ranks as the most peculiar word from our list of words that start with 'j' and include 'uv'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'juvia' is defined as "A Brazilian name for the lofty myrtaceous tree (Bertholetia excelsa) which produces the large seeds known as Brazil nuts.".

How many letters does the longest word on this page contain?
'juvenescence' (12 characters)