Words that start with 'h' and contain 'kl'

In total you'll find 45 words you can use from the dictionary for this search.

6 letter words

  • hackle
  • hackly
  • hankle
  • heckle
  • hockle
  • huckle
  • hurkle

7 letter words

  • hackled
  • hackler
  • hackles
  • hacklet
  • hacklog
  • heckled
  • heckler
  • heckles
  • hockled
  • hooklet
  • huckles

8 letter words

  • hacklers
  • hacklier
  • hackling
  • hawklike
  • hecklers
  • heckling
  • herakles
  • hockling
  • hookland
  • hookless
  • hooklets
  • hooklike
  • husklike

9 letter words

  • hackliest

10 letter words

  • hackleback
  • hamshackle
  • homesickly
  • huckleback
  • hucklebone

11 letter words

  • hammocklike
  • honeysuckle
  • huckleberry

12 letter words

  • honeysuckled
  • honeysuckles
  • hucklebacked

13 letter words

  • huckleberries

16 letter words

  • hydrofranklinite

In Scrabble, what is the best score you can get from words that start with 'h' and contain 'kl'?
From this combination of letters, the best word you should play is 'hawklike' for a score of 22 points.

What is the most common word that starts with 'h' and includes 'kl' in the dictionary?
The most well-known word for the combination you requested is 'honeysuckle'.

In total, how many words is it possible to make using this list?
You can select up to 45 words.

What's the longest word you can derive from words that start with 'h' and include 'kl'?
'Hydrofranklinite' is the biggest word that the Dictionarypedia database could find, which has 16 letters

Which word that starts with 'h' and includes 'kl' is the most unique?
'Honeysuckled' is definitely the most strange word from our list of words that start with 'h' and include 'kl'. The traditional definition of 'honeysuckled' is as follows: "Covered with honeysuckles.".