Words that start with 'c' and contain 'kf'

15 entries have been discovered by our database.

6 letter words

  • chkfil

7 letter words

  • chkfile

8 letter words

  • cheekful
  • chockful

9 letter words

  • cheekfuls
  • chuckfull
  • clockface
  • cockfight
  • creekfish

10 letter words

  • cockfights

11 letter words

  • cockfighter
  • creekfishes

12 letter words

  • cockfighting

13 letter words

  • chuckfarthing
  • crookfingered

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble you can play for ?
For a total of 22 points, you are able to use 'chockful'.

Which word that starts with 'c' and includes 'kf' is the most unusual?
The most weird word based on expert opinion is 'creekfish'. 'Creekfish''s definition is "The chub sucker.", according to the English dictionary.

What is the maximum number of words you can create from this combination of letters?
You can derive 15 words from the combination of words that start with 'c' and include 'kf'.

What is the longest word you can create from this list?
Try 'chuckfarthing', which has 13 letters.