Words that start with 'b' and contain 'oci'

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7 letter words

  • biocide

8 letter words

  • bajocian
  • biocidal
  • biocides

9 letter words

  • biosocial

10 letter words

  • bradytocia

11 letter words

  • bacteriocin
  • borocitrate
  • braggadocio

12 letter words

  • biosociology
  • braggadocian
  • braggadocios

13 letter words

  • bacteriocidal

14 letter words

  • bothriocidaris

15 letter words

  • biosociological
  • braggadocianism

17 letter words

  • bradyteleocinesia

What's a weird word from all the combinations available ?
One example of a strange word from this page is 'braggadocio'. The definition of 'braggadocio' is as follows: "1. A braggart; a boaster; a swaggerer. Dryden. 2. Empty boasting; mere brag; pretension.".

What's the maximum number of words you are able to create using this combination of letters?
You can pick from 17 entries on this page.

How many characters are in the biggest word from this list?

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For 19 points in Scrabble, one could use 'bajocian'.