Words that start with 'b' and contain 'lig'

This particular combination has resulted in 24 results.

6 letter words

  • blight

7 letter words

  • belight
  • blighia
  • blighty
  • blights

8 letter words

  • bedlight
  • blighted
  • blighter

9 letter words

  • blighters
  • blighties
  • blighting

10 letter words

  • blacklight
  • blightbird

11 letter words

  • belligerent
  • bicolligate
  • blightingly
  • borderlight

12 letter words

  • bacilligenic
  • backlighting
  • belligerence
  • belligerency
  • belligerents

13 letter words

  • belligerently

14 letter words

  • belligerencies

In Scrabble, what is the highest score possible using this list of words starting with 'b' that contain 'lig'?
For a total of 16 points, it's possible to play 'blighty'.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
A common word for your request is 'blight'.

What is the max number of words you can put together from words that start with 'b' and include 'lig'?
You can choose from up to 24 entries.

Is there a word from this page which might be considered as unique?
One of the most interesting words from this list is 'belligerent'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'belligerent' is defined as "1. Waging war; carrying on war. "Belligerent powers." E. Everett. 2. Pertaining, or tending, to war; of or relating to belligerents; as, a belligerent tone; belligerent rights. A nation or state recognized as carrying on war; a person engaged in warfare.".

How many letters are in the largest word on this list?
There are 14 characters in the word 'belligerencies', making it the longest word Dictionarypedia has.