Words that start with 'b' and contain 'kli'

33 results have been derived from the combination you searched for.

5 letter words

  • bakli

7 letter words

  • backlit

8 letter words

  • backlins
  • backlist
  • balkline
  • beaklike
  • booklice
  • booklift
  • booklike
  • bookling
  • buckling

9 letter words

  • backlings
  • backlists
  • balklines
  • blacklist
  • blocklike
  • blockline
  • booklists
  • breaklist
  • bricklike
  • brooklike
  • brooklime

10 letter words

  • backliding
  • biweeklies
  • blacklight
  • blacklists
  • brickliner

11 letter words

  • blacklisted
  • blacklister
  • bricklining

12 letter words

  • backlighting
  • besprinkling
  • blacklisting

What's the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words that start with 'b' and include 'kli'?
It is possible to make 'beaklike' scoring 18 points.

Which word in particular from this list contains the largest number of characters?
The longest word you can assemble from this combination is 'backlighting', which consists of 12 characters.

What's the most popular word on this page?
The most well-known word in the dictionary according to our database is 'buckling', which in fact is the 86153rd most popular word in the dictionary.

What word from this page is the most unique?
The most peculiar word from this list is 'buckling'. It is defined as "Wavy; curling, as hair. Latham.".

What's the total number of words one can assemble using this combination of letters?
From this list of words starting with 'b' that contain 'kli', you have 33 entries which are available.