Words that start with 'b' and contain 'kho'

For words that start with 'b' and include 'kho', there are 17 results to go with.

7 letter words

  • backhoe

8 letter words

  • backhoes
  • bookhood
  • buckhorn

9 letter words

  • backhouse
  • blockhole
  • brickhood
  • buckhound
  • bunkhouse

10 letter words

  • backhooker
  • backhouses
  • blockholer
  • blockhouse
  • bookholder
  • buckhounds
  • bunkhouses

11 letter words

  • blockhouses

What's the highest score you could get in Scrabble from this list of words starting with 'b' that contain 'kho'?
For a score of 19 points, it is possible to use 'backhoes'.

What is the maximum number of words you are able to assemble from this list?
There are 17 words on our list of words starting with 'b' that contain 'kho'.

How many letters are in the longest word from this list?
The longest word that's possible to assemble from this list is 'blockhouses', and it is made up of 11 characters.

Which word on this page ranks as the most popular?
Ranking as the 66189th most common word, you'll want to ensure that you've got 'blockhouse' written down.

Which word that starts with 'b' and includes 'kho' is the most unique?
'Blockhouse' certainly ranks as the most weird word in our list of words that start with 'b' and include 'kho'. 'Blockhouse' is defined as "1. (Mil.) An edifice or structure of heavy timbers or logs for military defense, having its sides loopholed for musketry, and often an upper story projecting over the lower, or so placed upon it as to have its sides make an angle wit the sides of the lower story,...", according to the English dictionary.