Words that start with 'b' and contain 'jac'

There are 10 entries usable for words starting with 'b' that contain 'jac'.

8 letter words

  • bluejack
  • bootjack

9 letter words

  • blackjack
  • bluejacks
  • bootjacks

10 letter words

  • blackjacks
  • bluejacket

11 letter words

  • blackjacked
  • bluejackets

12 letter words

  • blackjacking

What is an example of a interesting word from this list?
By far the most unusual word in this list is 'bootjack'. The traditional definition of 'bootjack' is as follows: "A device for pulling off boots.".

What's the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words starting with 'b' that contain 'jac'?
We recommend using 'bluejack' for a score of 23 points.

How many words are possible to make from this list?
Up to 10 words!

What is the longest word you can assemble with this list?
'blackjacking' (12 characters)