Words that start with 'b' and contain 'itu'

32 terms were found by our database.

6 letter words

  • bitume
  • blitum

7 letter words

  • bitumed
  • bitumen

8 letter words

  • bitumens

9 letter words

  • beatitude

10 letter words

  • barbituism
  • barbituric
  • beatitudes
  • bitulithic
  • bituminate
  • bituminise
  • bituminize
  • bituminoid
  • bituminous

11 letter words

  • barbiturate
  • barbiturism
  • bituminised
  • bituminized
  • bituminosis

12 letter words

  • barbiturates
  • bitubercular
  • bituminising
  • bituminizing

13 letter words

  • barosinusitus
  • bisubstituted
  • bituberculate

14 letter words

  • bisubstitution
  • bituberculated
  • bituminiferous
  • bituminisation
  • bituminization

Which word from this page is the most unusual?
The most interesting word in this list is 'bituminization'. According to the dictionary, 'bituminization' means "The process of bituminizing. Mantell.".

Which word that starts with 'b' and includes 'itu' is the most popular word?
A well-known word for your search is 'bituminous'.

Which word on this page has the largest letter count?
The biggest word you can construct from this list is 'bisubstitution', and it consists of 14 characters.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For 12 points, one can play 'bitumed'.

What is the total number of words one can construct using words that start with 'b' and include 'itu'?
You could create 32 words with this list.