Words that include 'yq'

Our database has found 5 terms.

5 letter words

  • yquem

9 letter words

  • triptyque

10 letter words

  • oxyquinone

12 letter words

  • oxyquinoline

14 letter words

  • oxyquinaseptol

What's the biggest word you can create with the combination of letters searched for?
'Oxyquinaseptol' has 14 letters, and is the longest word you can make from this combination.

How many usable words are possible to make using words with 'yq' in them?
There are up to 5 entries.

What's a peculiar word on this list?
A good example of an uncommon word from this page goes to 'oxyquinoline'. The definition of 'oxyquinoline' is as follows: "Hydroxy quinoline; a phenol derivative of quinoline, -- called also carbostyril.". Credit to the Cambridge Dictionary.

In Scrabble, what's the highest score possible using words with 'yq' in them?
For a total of 19 points, you are able to play 'yquem'.