Words that contain 'sm' and end in 'p'

38 combinations have been identified.

4 letter words

  • csmp

7 letter words

  • smashup

10 letter words

  • assmanship

11 letter words

  • batsmanship
  • kinsmanship
  • oarsmanship

12 letter words

  • boatsmanship
  • clansmanship
  • classmanship
  • cratsmanship
  • gamesmanship
  • helmsmanship
  • huntsmanship
  • marksmanship
  • pressmanship
  • salesmanship
  • wordsmanship

13 letter words

  • boardsmanship
  • brinksmanship
  • craftsmanship
  • draftsmanship
  • grantsmanship
  • yachtsmanship
  • ombudsmanship
  • plasmodiocarp
  • spokesmanship
  • sportsmanship
  • statesmanship
  • sticksmanship
  • swordsmanship
  • tradesmanship
  • tribesmanship

14 letter words

  • dressmakership

15 letter words

  • draughtsmanship
  • outdoorsmanship

17 letter words

  • colleaguesmanship
  • supersalesmanship

18 letter words

  • handicraftsmanship

What's the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble using this list of words that contain 'sm' and end in 'p'?
For a total of 14 points, it's possible to play 'smashup'.

What's the longest word you can construct with the combination of letters specified?
Try 'handicraftsmanship', which has 18 characters.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
'Statesmanship' is the most popular word from this that have 'sm' in and end with 'p', ranked 28521st most common word.

How many words are possible to make using this combination of letters?
There are 38 words possible using words that have 'sm' in and end with 'p'.

What's a strange word from this page of words that have 'sm' in and end with 'p'?
'Statesmanship' is certainly the most unusual word in our list of words that have 'sm' in and end with 'p'. The traditional definition of 'statesmanship' is as follows: "The qualifications, duties, or employments of a statesman.".