Words that contain 's' and end in 'j'

For this search, there are 5 entires.

3 letter words

  • saj

4 letter words

  • subj

5 letter words

  • samaj

6 letter words

  • svaraj
  • swaraj

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the above combination ?
For a total of 16 points in Scrabble, it is possible to play 'svaraj'.

Which word on this page ranks as the most common?
The most popular word in the dictionary according to our system is 'subj', which in fact is the 67748th most common word in this list.

What's a peculiar word from the word combos available on this page?
The most notable word based on a recently conducted poll is 'samaj'. It is defined as "A society; a congregation; a worshiping assembly, or church, esp. Of the Brahmo-somaj. [India]".

How many letters does the longest word on this page contain?
'Svaraj', which contains 6 characters.

What's the maximum number of words you are able to assemble from words that have 's' in and end with 'j'?
On this page of words containing 's' and ending with 'j', Dictionarypedia has found 5 amazing combinations which can be selected.