Words that contain 'pp' and end in 'my'

Altogether there are 6 results at your disposal for words that have 'pp' in and end with 'my'.

9 letter words

  • hippotomy

12 letter words

  • appendectomy

14 letter words

  • appendicectomy
  • appendicostomy

15 letter words

  • hippogastronomy

19 letter words

  • appendicocaecostomy

Which word that has 'pp' in and ends with 'my' is the most unique?
Our favorite weird word from this list goes to 'appendectomy'. 'Appendectomy' is defined as "Excision of the vermiform appendix.", according to the dictionary.

Which word in particular from this list has the largest character count?
'Appendicocaecostomy' contains 19 characters, and is the biggest word possible to make from this list.

In total, how many words is it possible to make using these particular combinations of letters?
You can make 6 words from the combination you searched for.