Words that contain 'pp' and end in 'ip'

Sad news, just 2 results are available for this particular combination.

11 letter words

  • skippership

14 letter words

  • apprenticeship

What is the longest word you can construct from words that have 'pp' in and end with 'ip'?
The longest word one could derive from this list is 'apprenticeship', and it consists of 14 characters.

In total, how many words are there using this combination of letters?
You can choose from up to 2 entries covering all variations.

What is the most common word that has 'pp' in and ends with 'ip' in the dictionary?
The most popular word for your search is 'apprenticeship'.

Is there an example word from this page that could be considered as unusual?
By far the most peculiar word in this list is 'apprenticeship'. 'Apprenticeship''s definition is "1. The service or condition of an apprentice; the state in which a person is gaining instruction in a trade or art, under legal agreement. 2. The time an apprentice is serving (sometimes seven years, as from the age of fourteen to twenty-one).", according to the dictionary.