Words that contain 'pp' and end in 'ck'

Overall there are 9 words you can use from the dictionary for words that have 'pp' in and end with 'ck'.

7 letter words

  • uppluck
  • upprick

8 letter words

  • sheppeck
  • sheppick

9 letter words

  • applejack
  • poppycock

10 letter words

  • supplejack

11 letter words

  • snapperback

12 letter words

  • slipperyback

What is an unusual word from the word combos possible on this list?
One of the most stand out words from this page is 'uppluck'. According to the dictionary, 'uppluck' is defined as "To pull or pluck up. [Obs.]".

Which word in particular from this list has the highest letter count?
The biggest word is 12 letters long, which is 'slipperyback'.

What's the highest possible score you could get in Scrabble from this list of words that contain 'pp' and end in 'ck'?
From this combination, the best word you should play is 'sheppeck' scoring 21 points.

What's the total number of words one is able to create using this combination of letters?
It's possible to create 9 words from this combination.