Words that contain 'po' and end in 'ps'

Dictionarypedia has discovered 15 words.

4 letter words

  • pops

5 letter words

  • pomps
  • poops

6 letter words

  • polyps

7 letter words

  • joypops
  • maypops

8 letter words

  • apocarps
  • podiceps
  • pogonips

9 letter words

  • lollipops
  • lollypops

11 letter words

  • nincompoops

12 letter words

  • apostleships
  • sponsorships

14 letter words

  • cosponsorships

Is there an example of a word from this page which might be deemed as interesting in any regard?
The most weird word in this list is 'podiceps'. 'Podiceps' is defined as "See Grebe.", according to the English dictionary.

Which word that has 'po' in and ends with 'ps' is the most popular word?
As far as popular words go, there's 'pomps', which is the 49390th most popular word.

How many words are possible to make using this combination of letters?
You can select up to a maximum of 15 entries on our page of words containing 'po' and ending with 'ps'.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points possible from this list of words containing 'po' and ending with 'ps'?
Using this particular combination, the best word you ought to play is 'joypops' for a total score of 21 points.

How many characters are in the longest word from this list?
The biggest word on this page is 'cosponsorships'. It has 14 letters.