Words that contain 'po' and end in 'na'

This combination has 22 words.

5 letter words

  • pohna

6 letter words

  • poiana
  • pomona
  • porina

7 letter words

  • poltina
  • porzana

8 letter words

  • melipona
  • subpoena
  • zampogna

9 letter words

  • apodeipna
  • poinciana
  • polyclona
  • pollyanna
  • pozzolana

10 letter words

  • porcellana
  • pozzuolana

11 letter words

  • apodedeipna
  • cytosporina
  • napoleonana
  • perispomena

12 letter words

  • paralipomena

13 letter words

  • polymastigina

How many letters are in the longest word from this list?
There are 13 letters in the word 'polymastigina', making it the longest word on our list.

Is there an example word from this page of word that has 'po' in and ends with 'na' which might be considered as interesting?
You'll uncover a handful of strange words on this page, however our favorite word is 'zampogna'. The common definition of 'zampogna' is as follows: "A sort of bagpipe formerly in use among Italian peasants. It is now almost obsolete. [Written also zampugna.]". Credit to the Cambridge Dictionary.

How many words could one make using the combination which you've searched for?
From this list of words that contain 'po' and end in 'na', we have discovered 22 outstanding combinations which are available.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
For 22 points, you can play 'zampogna'.