Words that include 'pna'

For this request, there are 7 entries to go with.

7 letter words

  • hypnale

9 letter words

  • apodeipna
  • hypnaceae

10 letter words

  • hypnaceous
  • hypnagogic

11 letter words

  • apodedeipna

13 letter words

  • dermatopnagic

How many characters does the longest word on this list consist of?
'Dermatopnagic' has 13 letters, and is the longest word you could make from this combination.

How many words are available using the combination specified?
It is possible to assemble 7 words using the specified combination.

What's the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble using this list of words that include 'pna'?
It is possible to make 'hypnale' for a score of 15 in Scrabble.

Is there a word from this page of word with 'pna' in them that could be considered as interesting?
'Hypnagogic' certainly ranks as the most strange word in our list of words with 'pna' in them. 'Hypnagogic' is defined as "Leading to sleep; -- applied to the illusions of one who is half asleep.", according to the dictionary.