Words that contain 'pn' and end in 'ta'

4 entries have been discovered based on the criteria you've specified.

12 letter words

  • amphipneusta

13 letter words

  • enteropneusta

15 letter words

  • pharyngopneusta

16 letter words

  • pneumobranchiata

Which word from this list consists the highest number of characters?
The largest word on this list is 'pneumobranchiata', and contains of 16 characters

Which is the most unique word from this page?
Our favorite interesting word from this list goes to 'pharyngopneusta'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'pharyngopneusta' means "A group of invertebrates including the Tunicata and Enteropneusta. -- Pha*ryn`gop*neus"tal, a.".

How many actual words are possible to make using the combination you've searched for?
You can pick from up to 4 entries.