Words that contain 'pn' and end in 'le'

For words containing 'pn' and ending with 'le', there are 9 entires.

7 letter words

  • hypnale

9 letter words

  • dipneedle

10 letter words

  • pneumocele

12 letter words

  • hypnotisable
  • hypnotizable
  • pneumatocele
  • pneumonocele

14 letter words

  • unhypnotisable
  • unhypnotizable

What is the total number of words you can assemble using words that have 'pn' in and end with 'le'?
From this page of words that have 'pn' in and end with 'le', there are 9 outstanding combinations which are available.

Is there an example of a word from this page of word that has 'pn' in and ends with 'le' that could be thought of as unique?
The most unusual word from this page is certainly 'pneumatocele'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'pneumatocele' means "A distention of the scrotum by air; also, hernia of the lungs.".

Which word in particular from this list contains the largest number of letters?
Consider 'unhypnotisable', which is made up of 14 letters.

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble with the above combination ?
Our recommendation for a score of 15 points is to play the word 'hypnale'.