Words that contain 'pl' and end in 'rd'

In total there are 9 results usable for words containing 'pl' and ending with 'rd'.

7 letter words

  • placard

8 letter words

  • playward
  • plyboard

9 letter words

  • plainward
  • plugboard
  • splinterd

10 letter words

  • templeward

11 letter words

  • splashboard

12 letter words

  • plasterboard

Is there a word from this page of word that has 'pl' in and ends with 'rd' which might be thought of as interesting?
Our favorite weird word from this page is 'placard'. 'Placard''s definition is "1. A public proclamation; a manifesto or edict issued by authority. [Obs.] All placards or edicts are published in his name. Howell. 2. Permission given by authority; a license; as, to give a placard to do something. [Obs.] ller. 3. A written or printed paper, as an advertisement or a...", according to the English dictionary.

How many letters are in the largest word from this list?
'plasterboard', and contains 12 characters.

Which word on this page is the most popular?
We've discovered that 'placard' is the 32725th most common word.

What's the maximum number of words one can put together from this list?
There are up to a maximum of 9 entries.

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible from words that have 'pl' in and end with 'rd'?
One could make 'playward' scoring 17 in Scrabble.