Words that contain 'pl' and end in 'or'

The dictionary has 32 words you're able to use for words that contain 'pl' and end in 'or'.

6 letter words

  • plexor

7 letter words

  • plangor
  • pledgor
  • plessor
  • ramplor

8 letter words

  • pledgeor
  • plicator
  • splendor

9 letter words

  • playactor
  • plantator
  • plauditor

10 letter words

  • applicator
  • cosplendor
  • duplicator
  • explanator
  • explicator
  • explorator
  • implorator
  • replevisor

11 letter words

  • complicator
  • implementor
  • multiplexor
  • outsplendor
  • presplendor
  • supplicator

12 letter words

  • amplificator
  • contemplator
  • quadruplator

13 letter words

  • multiplicator
  • simplificator

14 letter words

  • exemplificator

18 letter words

  • nonexemplificatior

In Scrabble, what's the highest score you can get from words that have 'pl' in and end with 'or'?
For 15 points, one could use 'plexor'.

How many letters does the longest word on this page contain?
'Nonexemplificatior', which consists of 18 letters.

How many words are possible to make using the combination which you've searched for?
You can go with up to 32 words.

Which word on this page stands out as the most popular?
Ranking as the 8050th most common word, you will want to ensure you've got 'splendor' committed to memory.

What is the most interesting word that has 'pl' in and ends with 'or'?
Ranking as the most weird word on this list is 'multiplicator'. 'Multiplicator''s definition is "The number by which another number is multiplied; a multiplier.", according to the dictionary.