Words that contain 'pl' and end in 'li'

We're afraid we have bad news, only 3 results has been discovered for this specific combination.

9 letter words

  • splenculi

13 letter words

  • diplospondyli

14 letter words

  • plectospondyli

Which word from this list contains the highest number of characters?
The longest word you could construct from words that have 'pl' in and end with 'li' is 'plectospondyli', which has 14 characters.

What is an unique word from this page?
'Plectospondyli' definitely ranks as the most strange word from our list of words that have 'pl' in and end with 'li'. It is defined as "An extensive suborder of fresh-water physostomous fishes having the anterior vertebræ united and much modified; the Eventognathi.".

In total, how many possible words can you make using this combination of letters?
On this list of words that have 'pl' in and end with 'li', we have found 3 combinations that are possible.