Words that contain 'ik' and end in 'at'

The dictionary has 6 words you can use for this search.

4 letter words

  • ikat

6 letter words

  • diktat

7 letter words

  • zikurat

8 letter words

  • klikitat
  • zikkurat

10 letter words

  • strikeboat

What's the maximum number of words one can create using this combination of letters?
Altogether, there are up to 6 words.

What is the highest number of points you're able to get in Scrabble using this list of words that have 'ik' in and end with 'at'?
From this particular combination, the best word you should play is 'zikkurat' for a score of 25 points.

How many characters are in the longest word on this page?
The word 'strikeboat' has 10 characters.

Is there a specific word from this page which might be thought of as unique?
The most stand out word in our opinion is 'zikkurat'. The accepted definition of 'zikkurat' is as follows: "A temple tower of the Babylonians or Assyrians, consisting of a lofty pyramidal structure, built in successive stages, with outside staircases, and a shrine at the top.". Source Oxford Dictionary.