Words that contain 'h' and end in 'po'

This particular combination has 5 entries.

4 letter words

  • hypo

5 letter words

  • hippo
  • hoppo

6 letter words

  • cheapo
  • shippo

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble you can play for ?
One could make 'cheapo' scoring 13 points.

How many words could one put together using the specified combination?
From this page of words that have 'h' in and end with 'po', there are 5 combinations which are available.

What's a weird word from all the combinations available ?
The most strange word from this list is 'hoppo'. 'Hoppo' is defined as "(a) A collector of customs, as at Canton; an overseer of commerce. (B) A tribunal or commission having charge of the revenue derived from trade and navigation. [China] Hoppo men, chinese customhouse officers.", according to the English dictionary.

Which word in particular from this list has the largest character count?
The biggest word derived by our team is 'cheapo'.