Words that contain 'gm' and end in 'es'

Keep scrolling to uncover 18 combinations for any words that have 'gm' in and end with 'es'.

7 letter words

  • pigmies
  • pygmies
  • stigmes

8 letter words

  • hogmanes
  • tagmemes

9 letter words

  • quagmires

10 letter words

  • hogmollies
  • phragmites
  • rigmaroles
  • sphygmuses

11 letter words

  • sigmodontes
  • stalagmites
  • stigmatizes

12 letter words

  • borborygmies

13 letter words

  • whigmaleeries

15 letter words

  • phragmocyttares
  • sphygmographies

16 letter words

  • astigmatoscopies

Which word on this page is the most popular?
According to our records, the most popular word that have 'gm' in and end with 'es' is 'pigmies'.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
We advise using 'pygmies' for a score of 15 points.

How many words could one put together using this combination of letters?
On this page of words that have 'gm' in and end with 'es', you have 18 effective combinations which can be selected.

How many letters does the biggest word from this list consist of?
There are 16 characters in the word 'astigmatoscopies', making it the longest word we have.