Words that contain 'gh' and end in 'ti'

This specific combination has unfortunately resulted in only 3 words.

6 letter words

  • ghatti
  • ghetti

9 letter words

  • spaghetti

How many letters does the biggest word from this page contain?
The largest word you can derive from this combination is 'spaghetti', and it is made up of 9 characters.

How many words can you put together using the specified combination?
From this list of words that contain 'gh' and end in 'ti', you have 3 fantastic combinations which are possible in total.

In Scrabble, what's the highest number of points you can get from words that have 'gh' in and end with 'ti'?
The only solution is 'ghatti' scoring 10 points.

What is an unusual word from this page?
You can find a handful of interesting words on this page, however our favorite is 'spaghetti'. 'Spaghetti' is defined as "A variety or macaroni made in tubes of small diameter.", according to the dictionary.