Words that contain 'g' and end in 'af'

15 results have been derived from your particular request.

4 letter words

  • goaf
  • graf

6 letter words

  • agleaf
  • gorraf

8 letter words

  • flagleaf
  • frogleaf
  • longleaf
  • palsgraf
  • sageleaf
  • telegraf

9 letter words

  • greenleaf
  • sugarloaf

10 letter words

  • fingerleaf
  • gingerleaf
  • orangeleaf

What is an interesting word from the combinations possible on this page?
There are a number of unusual words in this list, although our favorite is 'graf'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'graf' means "A German title of nobility, equivalent to earl in English, or count in French. See Earl.".

How many words could one put together using the combination specified?
It's possible to assemble 15 words from the specified combination.

Which word on this page is made up of the largest number of letters?
The longest word one could assemble from this list is 'fingerleaf', and it consists of 10 characters.

What is the most common word for this page?
The most common word for the combination you requested is 'graf'.

What's the highest scoring word in Scrabble using the requested combination ?
One could make 'flagleaf' for a score of 15 points.