Words that contain 'eu' and end in 'ra'

There are 38 results possible for this search.

6 letter words

  • eudora
  • pleura

7 letter words

  • euskara
  • euskera
  • geneura
  • zeuzera

8 letter words

  • dipleura
  • heuchera
  • rhineura

9 letter words

  • epipleura
  • homoneura
  • isopleura
  • meganeura

10 letter words

  • amphineura
  • endopleura
  • euthyneura
  • mesopleura
  • metapleura
  • neuroptera
  • neurospora
  • pleurocera
  • pleurodira

11 letter words

  • amphipleura
  • heteroneura
  • schizoneura

12 letter words

  • arthropleura
  • euorthoptera
  • euplexoptera
  • pseudamphora
  • pseudogenera
  • rhabdopleura
  • streptoneura

13 letter words

  • choristoneura
  • pseudoobscura
  • pseudotrimera

14 letter words

  • neurorthoptera

15 letter words

  • pseudotetramera

16 letter words

  • pseudoneuroptera

What is a peculiar word from the combinations available ?
One of the most interesting words from this list of words that have 'eu' in and end with 'ra' is 'isopleura'. 'Isopleura''s definition is "A subclass of Gastropoda, in which the body is symmetrical, the right and left sides being equal. Note: The intestine terminates at the posterior end of the body, and the gills and circulatory and reproductive organs are paired. It includes the chitons (Polyplacophora), together with Neomenia and Chætoderma, which are...", according to the English dictionary.

Which word on this page ranks as the most common?
The most well-known word for your request is 'pleura'.

What's the longest word you can construct using the combination of letters specified?
'Pseudoneuroptera' is the biggest word that our database could construct, consisting of 16 letters

What's the maximum number of words you can put together using this combination of letters?
You can go with up to a maximum of 38 entries.

What's the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
You could make 'zeuzera' which gets 25 points in Scrabble.