Words that contain 'et' and end in 'ox'

Our database has only found 2 terms.

9 letter words that have 'et' in and end with 'ox'

  • heterodox

14 letter words that have 'et' in and end with 'ox'

  • rickettsialpox

Is there a word from this page of word that has 'et' in and ends with 'ox' which might be considered as unusual in any regard?
We consider that heterodox is the most peculiar word. The definition of heterodox is as follows: "1. Contrary to, or differing from, some acknowledged standard, as the Bible, the creed of a church, the decree of a council, and the like; not orthodox; heretical; -- said of opinions, doctrines, books, etc., esp. Upon theological subjects. Raw and indigested, heterodox, preaching. Strype. 2. Holding heterodox opinions, or..."Credit to the Oxford Dictionary.

Which word that has 'et' in and ends with 'ox' is most prevalent in the dictionary?
Rating as the 65706th most common word, you will want to make sure you've got heterodox in your repertoire.

In total, how many words could one make using the combination of letters requested?
You can choose from up to 2 entries on our page of containing 'et' and ending with 'ox'.

What's the longest word you can create from the combination of letters specified?
rickettsialpox is made up of 14 characters, and is the longest word you could make from the combination searched for.