Words that contain 'es' and end in 'ut'

Our database has found 16 entries.

6 letter words

  • besmut
  • escout
  • reshut

7 letter words

  • beshout
  • bespout
  • bestrut
  • ressaut

8 letter words

  • chestnut
  • nieshout
  • prescout
  • resprout

9 letter words

  • essenhout
  • firespout
  • tubesnout
  • westabout

10 letter words

  • soubresaut

What's the highest number of points you could get in Scrabble using this list of words that contain 'es' and end in 'ut'?
We suggest using 'chestnut' for a score of score of 13 points.

Which word in particular on this page contains the largest number of letters?
There are 10 letters in the word 'soubresaut', which makes it the longest word on our list.

What is an example of a interesting word that has 'es' in and ends with 'ut'?
You can uncover many weird words in this list, albeit our favorite word happens to be 'chestnut'. The definition of 'chestnut' is as follows: "1. (Bot.) The edible nut of a forest tree (Castanea vesce) of Europe and America. Commonly two or more of the nuts grow in a prickly bur. 2. The tree itself, or its light, coarse-grained timber, used for ornamental work, furniture, etc. 3. A bright brown color, like that...". Source Cambridge Dictionary.

Is there a word on this page that sticks out as the most common?
Ranking as the 13903rd most common word, you will want to ensure that you have 'chestnut' written down.

What's the total number of words you could put together from this combination of letters?
Up to 16 words!