Words that contain 'es' and end in 'ra'

The dictionary has 31 words you can use for words containing 'es' and ending with 'ra'.

5 letter words

  • besra

6 letter words

  • cesura
  • essera

7 letter words

  • bessera
  • caesura
  • eschara
  • eskuara
  • gesnera
  • gestura
  • hespera
  • maestra
  • tessara
  • tessera

8 letter words

  • balestra
  • fenestra
  • finestra
  • minestra
  • palestra

9 letter words

  • mesentera
  • orchestra
  • palaestra
  • sequestra
  • tessitura

10 letter words

  • escobadura
  • forestiera
  • mesopleura

11 letter words

  • chamaesaura
  • mesoplastra

12 letter words

  • clytemnestra
  • sesquialtera

13 letter words

  • mesosternebra

How many actual words could one put together using the specified combination?
There are 31 words for you to decide on.

In Scrabble, what is the best score possible from this list of words containing 'es' and ending with 'ra'?
We advise using 'eschara' for a score of 12 points.

Is there an example word from this page of word that has 'es' in and ends with 'ra' which could be thought of as interesting in any respect?
The most weird word from this list is 'caesura'. 'Caesura' is defined as "A metrical break in a verse, occurring in the middle of a foot and commonly near the middle of the verse; a sense pause in the middle of a foot. Also, a long syllable on which the c├Žsural accent rests, or which is used as a foot. Note: In the...", according to the English dictionary.

What's the most common word on this page?
We've discovered that 'orchestra' is the 11488th most common word.

How many characters does the largest word from this list consist of?
There are 13 letters in the word 'mesosternebra', which makes it the largest word Dictionarypedia has.