Words that contain 'es' and end in 'mo'

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6 letter words

  • eskimo

7 letter words

  • fapesmo

8 letter words

  • milesimo
  • vigesimo

9 letter words

  • centesimo

11 letter words

  • prestissimo

What is the maximum number of words you can make using this combination of letters?
On this list of words containing 'es' and ending with 'mo', you have 6 amazing entries that can be selected.

What is an example of a unusual word from this list?
By far the most interesting word from this list is 'eskimo'. The definition of 'eskimo' is as follows: "One of a peculiar race inhabiting Arctic America and Greenland. In many respects the Eskimos resemble the Mongolian race. [Written also Esquimau.] Eskimo dog (Zoöl.), one of breed of large and powerful dogs used by the Eskimos to draw sledges. It closely resembles the gray wolf, with which it is...".

In Scrabble, what's the highest possible score you can get using this list of words containing 'es' and ending with 'mo'?
For 14 points, you are able to play 'fapesmo'.

How many characters are in the largest word on this page?
Consider 'prestissimo'