Words that contain 'en' and end in 'gh'

Our records have discovered 7 entries.

6 letter words

  • drengh
  • eneugh
  • enough

7 letter words

  • enrough

8 letter words

  • entrough

9 letter words

  • pentrough

12 letter words

  • brandenburgh

What is the most popular word that has 'en' in and ends with 'gh' in the dictionary?
A popular word for your search is 'enough'.

What is the biggest word you can derive with words that have 'en' in and end with 'gh'?
The longest word derived by Dictionarypedia is 'brandenburgh'. It has 12 letters.

What's an interesting word from the word combos available on this page?
By far the most weird word in this list is 'pentrough'. 'Pentrough' is defined as "A penstock.", according to the English dictionary.

What is the highest number of points you're able to get in Scrabble using this list of words that have 'en' in and end with 'gh'?
One could make 'entrough' scoring 12 in Scrabble.

What's the max number of words one can make using this list?
7 words.