Words that contain 'ec' and end in 'mn'

There are 4 entries available for this search.

9 letter words

  • recondemn

10 letter words

  • precondemn
  • precontemn

11 letter words

  • forecondemn

How many acceptable words could one put together using the specified combination?
From this page of words containing 'ec' and ending with 'mn', you have 4 unique entries which are possible.

What's a weird word on this page?
Standing as our favorite weird word on this list is 'precondemn'. 'Precondemn' is defined as "To condemn beforehand. -- Pre*con`dem*na"tion, n.", according to the English dictionary.

What's the longest word you can construct with this list?
'Forecondemn' has 11 letters, and is the longest word that's possible to make from this combination.