Words with 'tub' at the start and 'y' at the end

Your specific request has resulted in 12 suitable results.

5 letter words

  • tubby

9 letter words

  • tubectomy
  • tubularly

10 letter words

  • tuberosity
  • tuberously
  • tubularity
  • tubulously

12 letter words

  • tubercularly

13 letter words

  • tuberculately
  • tuberculously

14 letter words

  • tuberculatedly

16 letter words

  • tuberculotherapy

How many letters are in the biggest word from this list?
The word 'tuberculotherapy' has 16 characters.

What's an unusual word on this page?
Our favorite interesting word from this list goes to 'tubby'. 'Tubby''s definition is "Resembling a tub; specifically sounding dull and without resonance, like a tub; wanting elasticity or freedom of sound; as, a tubby violin.", according to the dictionary.

What is the total number of words you're able to assemble from this combination of letters?
On this page of words beginning with 'tub' and ending with 'y', there are 12 entries which are possible.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
Our suggestion for a total of 12 points is the word 'tubby'.