Words with 'sho' at the start and 'g' at the end

36 words have been derived from your search term.

4 letter words

  • shog

7 letter words

  • shoeing
  • shooing
  • shoring
  • shoving
  • showing

8 letter words

  • shoaling
  • shocking
  • shogging
  • shooling
  • shooting
  • shopping
  • shorling
  • shorting
  • shotting
  • shouting

9 letter words

  • shoddying
  • shoveling
  • showering

10 letter words

  • shoemaking
  • shoestring
  • shoregoing
  • shortening
  • shovelling
  • showcasing

11 letter words

  • shoebinding
  • shoehorning
  • shopkeeping
  • shoplifting
  • shortcoming
  • shotgunning
  • shouldering
  • showboating
  • showjumping

12 letter words

  • shopbreaking

13 letter words

  • shortchanging

Which word that starts with 'sho' and ends with 'g' is the most popular word?
The most well-known word is 'showing', which is in fact the 2221st most common word in the dictionary.

Which word from this page is the most unique?
Standing as the most interesting word on this list is 'shortcoming'. The definition of 'shortcoming' is as follows: "The act of falling, or coming short; as: (a) The failure of a crop, or the like. (B) Neglect of, or failure in, performance of duty.".

In Scrabble, what is the highest score you can get using this list of words with 'sho' at the start and 'g' at the end?
It is possible to make 'shocking' which gets 18 points in Scrabble.

What is the longest word you can create with words that start with 'sho' and end with 'g'?
'Shortchanging' contains 13 characters, and is the longest word possible to make from this combination.

What's the total number of words one is able to put together using this list?
There are a maximum of 36 entries.