Words with 's' as the first letter that end with 'ag'

For this query, there are 31 words to select from.

3 letter words

  • sag

4 letter words

  • scag
  • shag
  • skag
  • slag
  • snag
  • spag
  • stag
  • swag

5 letter words

  • scrag
  • shrag
  • sprag
  • strag

6 letter words

  • seabag
  • sontag
  • stalag

7 letter words

  • sackbag
  • sandbag
  • scanmag
  • shagbag
  • shagrag
  • sharrag
  • snapbag
  • songbag

8 letter words

  • scalawag
  • shakerag
  • skalawag

9 letter words

  • saddlebag
  • scallawag
  • scallywag
  • schoolbag

What's the longest word you can assemble with words that start with 's' and end with 'ag'?
The largest word you could derive from words that start with 's' and end with 'ag' is 'saddlebag', and it consists 9 characters.

What's a weird word from this list?
A good example of a weird word from this list goes to 'snag'. The dictionary defines it as "1. A stump or base of a branch that has been lopped off; a short branch, or a sharp or rough branch; a knot; a protuberance. The coat of arms Now on a naked snag in triumph borne. Dryden. 2. A tooth projecting beyond the rest; contemptuously, a broken or...".

How many words can you put together with words that start with 's' and end with 'ag'?
There are a maximum of 31 entries.

Is there any word on this page that stands out as the most common?
There's 'stag', which ranks as the 18493rd most common word.

What is the highest scoring word you can play in Scrabble ?
We advise using 'sackbag' for a total of score of 16 points.