Words with 'pal' at the start and 'i' at the end

For words beginning with 'pal' and ending with 'i', there are 9 entries available.

4 letter words

  • pali

5 letter words

  • palki
  • palli
  • palpi

6 letter words

  • paluli

7 letter words

  • palazzi

9 letter words

  • palapalai

11 letter words

  • palaeechini

15 letter words

  • palaeonemertini

What is the largest word you can construct with this list?
There are 15 characters in the word 'palaeonemertini', making it the largest word we have.

What is the most unusual word that starts with 'pal' and ends with 'i'?
Dictionarypedia considers 'palpi' to be the most weird word you can construct. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'palpi' is defined as "pl. Of Palpus. (Zoöl.) See Palpus.".

In Scrabble, what is the highest number of points possible from words with 'pal' at the start and 'i' at the end?
Our recommendation for a total score of 27 points is playing the word 'palazzi'.

What is the max number of words one can assemble from this combination of letters?
On this page of words with 'pal' at the start and 'i' at the end, we have found 9 combinations that are possible.