Words with 'pai' at the start and 'a' at the end

4 combinations are available.

5 letter words

  • paisa

7 letter words

  • paideia
  • paijama

9 letter words

  • paiconeca

What's the highest score you can get in Scrabble from this list of words with 'pai' at the start and 'a' at the end?
Given there a handful of words available, the only choice you can play for is 'paijama' which totals 18 points.

Is there a specific word from this page that could be thought of as unusual?
The most weird word based on public feedback is 'paijama'. The dictionary defines it as "Pyjama.".

What's the maximum number of words one can construct from this list?
On this page of words that start with 'pai' and end with 'a', there are 4 entries which can be selected.

Which word in particular on this page consists the highest number of letters?
The largest word is 9 characters long, which is 'paiconeca'.