Words with 'pae' at the start and 's' at the end

Continue scrolling to discover 9 combinations for every word that starts with 'pae' and ends with 's'.

6 letter words

  • paeans
  • paeons

7 letter words

  • paellas

8 letter words

  • paenulas

9 letter words

  • paeanisms

10 letter words

  • paedeutics

11 letter words

  • paediatrics

12 letter words

  • paedogenesis

14 letter words

  • paedomorphosis

How many usable words can you make from this combination of letters?
There are 9 fantastic words you're able to choose for words that start with 'pae' and end with 's'.

Which is the most unusual word that starts with 'pae' and ends with 's'?
By far the most strange word in this list is 'paedogenesis'. 'Paedogenesis' is defined as "Reproduction by young or larval animals.", according to the English dictionary.

How many characters are in the biggest word from this page?
The word 'paedomorphosis' is made up of 14 characters.

In Scrabble, what's the highest possible score possible using this list of words beginning with 'pae' and ending with 's'?
We recommend using 'paenulas' for a score of 10 points.