Words with 'pac' at the start and 'l' at the end

9 entries have been found for the combination specified.

7 letter words

  • packall

8 letter words

  • packwall

9 letter words

  • pacifical
  • pactional

11 letter words

  • pachycephal
  • pachydactyl
  • pachydermal

12 letter words

  • pachydermial
  • pachyglossal

In Scrabble, what is the best score you can get from this list of words with 'pac' at the start and 'l' at the end?
It is possible to make 'packwall' scoring 19 points in Scrabble.

Is there an example word from this page which might be deemed as unique in any manner?
Our favorite unusual word from this list goes to 'pachydermal'. It means "Of or relating to the pachyderms; as, pachydermal dentition.".

What is the largest word you can derive using words that start with 'pac' and end with 'l'?
The biggest word that's possible to assemble from words that start with 'pac' and end with 'l' is 'pachydermial', and it contains 12 letters.

How many words are possible to put together using the combination specified?
You can assemble 9 words using the specified combination.