Words with 'oxh' at the start and 'e' at the end

Regrettably the dictionary has just 2 words you can use for that start with 'oxh' and end with 'e'.

6 letter words

  • oxhide

7 letter words

  • oxhouse

How many usable words can you make using this list?
There are up to 2 entries using our page of words that start with 'oxh' and end with 'e'.

What is an unusual word from all the combinations available on this page?
The most weird word from this page is surely 'oxhide'. According to the Oxford dictionary, 'oxhide' means "1. The skin of an ox, or leather made from it. 2. (O. Eng. Law) A measure of land. See 3d Hide.".

What is the highest scoring word in Scrabble available from this list ?
With a small amount of words to choose from, you're obligated to select 'oxhide' for a score of 17 points.

How many letters does the largest word from this list consist of?
The word 'oxhouse' contains 7 characters.