Words with 'ox' at the start and 'p' at the end

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5 letter words that start with 'ox' and end with 'p'

  • oxlip

9 letter words that start with 'ox' and end with 'p'

  • oxmanship

What's the highest possible score you can get in Scrabble using this list of words beginning with 'ox' and ending with 'p'?
As there is only 2 combinations to choose from, the only word you can go for is oxlip which totals 14 points.

Which word from this list consists the highest number of characters?

How many words are possible to put together with this list?
It is possible to derive 2 words using this list.

Which word that starts with 'ox' and ends with 'p' is the most unique?
Certainly one of the most strange words from this list of [PAGE TITLE is oxlip. According to the Oxford dictionary, oxlip means "The great cowslip (Primula veris, var. Elatior).".